September Results
Elizaveta Soboleva
Planet Z

Last night we saw the last annual Chicks With Flicks take place and boy did we have fun.
The overall lack of competitors was naturally an initial disappointment but where numbers failed skills prevailed. We were all in for a real treat as all the four dedicated female flair competitors had been hard at work practicing their craft so they gave the crowd one hell of a show.
After picking numbers out of a hat Roadhouse’s very own Naty Peralta opened the comp with great style and finesse. She had some great moves and picked a great song that suited her style. Mirka (Also from Roadhouse) went on to rock out to Tina Turners rendition of ‘Proud Mary’. The best thing about Chicks With Flicks is the choreographed routines the girls put together and Mirka puts on a great show and really flew the flag for female flair bartenders with her performance. Aggie came all the way from competing in Asia to flair at the Roadhouse. Having won the last 3 competitions and having already qualified for the grand final, the pressure was off for the Polish flair queen. Her moves though are perfectly executed with cheeky winks, nods, kisses and done with great precision. You can really see why she is 3 times previous champion. Last up was Elizaveta from the Ukraine. Her routine is meticulous, complex and her moves really are in a different league, putting many of the guys out there to shame. She had a fantastic round in both the heats and the finals and you could really see her as a serious contender on the flair circuit with more experience.
In the end the final results were balanced alongside the heat performances. 4th place went to Mirka who had a great show, 3rd place went to Aggie who had a few deductions, 2nd place went to Naty who was excellent all round and 1st Place went to Elizaveta whose technical moves and working flair left her in the lead. I am delighted and over the moon to have both Agnieska and Elizaveta in the Novembers grand final and would like to thank our MC Steve Harman and our judges Vicki Patras, Tony Adams and Jumbles St.Piere for their hard work.
See you all on the 28th September for UK Vs. The Rest Of The World