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The Roadhouse stands proud knowing its reputation is regarded as one of the best flair competitions in the world. The Roadhouse flair competition is divided in two halves, the UK Flair Challenge & World Flair Challenge. The end goal for both halves, however, is the same, and that is to qualify for the World Grand Final which is held at the end of November every year.

The UK Challenge places are prioritized and held for competitors resident in the UK only. We do, however, accept entries from non-UK residents should there still be places available in the UK Challenge, but only UK entries will be eligible to qualify for a place in the Grand Final. International bartenders can enter however a UK resident will have priority and only they will qualify for the World Grand Final, regardless of who wins the competition on the day.

The World Flair Challenge is open to competitors from all over the world. Europe, Australia, Asia, the America’s and Africa…you can flair, you can enter. In this competition, the top two places will qualify for a place in the World Grand Final

There are only 25 places available in each competition and often these places can be filled months in advance so it is advisable to plan your trip to London carefully giving yourself and the organiser plenty of time to confirm your place. It is also very important that you contact the organiser asap if, for any reason, you cannot make the competition which you have entered. There is normally a waiting list of other bartenders wanting to compete so your place can always be filled by a fellow bartender keen to qualify for the World Grand Final.

Please read the rules carefully and feel free to contact us with any questions.

A few things to remember:

* Registration on the day is at 17:00 and the competition will start at 18:00
* The Entry fee of £20 will be taken on the day at 17:00
* Please give a minimum of 48 hours notice if you have a place but cannot attend the competition
* Do not book flights or hotels without confirming your place with the organiser
* Give yourself two months should you require any particular visas
* Roadhouse will only use credible and industry recognised judges. Roadhouse judge’s scores and opinions are available to you at any time. It is not uncommon for bartenders to feel upset and disheartened with their performance, though if you feel you have been scored incorrectly or too hard please consult the organiser and with the help of the judges they can guide you through your routine giving you positive points on how you can avoid future disappointments.